Immediate goals for La Estrella


According to Mexican Law, private land has to be delineated. This can be accomplished with a simple fence of single wire, in order to allow unrestricted movements of the native fauna. Roughly half of the perimeter of La Estrella remains to be fenced in this manner. The SDCC has sufficient wire and fence posts to complete the fencing.

Trash removal:

The little trash present at La Estrella is largely localized to former campsites. Volunteers will be encouraged to remove non-biodegradeable items, such as cans and bottles. The presence of trash will be eliminated in this manner in the very near future.

Wetland Restoration

We plan to set up a windmill to inundate some parts of the playa. The water table ranges from one to twelve meters. Historically, migratory birds have used this area in times of flooding. Endangered white faced ibis (Pelegadis chihi) have been observed at La Estrella.

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Sonoran Desert Coastal Conservation
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