Immediate Goals

 Land purchase:

The ejido (communal village) of Avila Camacho currently owns the 32,550ha (80,398acres) of land known as San Lorenzo. The entire property is fenced (as required by Mexican law), and has a large ranch house in the center with a well that pumps water from the San Lorenzo drainage. This is the only well in the area and is the main source of water for the town of Puerto Lobos, which the ejido sells via an old water truck.

Despite the ample opportunities Avila Camacho has to sell the land of San Lorenzo to any of the adjacent private hunting ranches, the ejido would prefer to sell the land to people they know from the area, such as the SDCC. As a true grassroots organization, the founders of the SDCC have close associations with Avila Camacho, and consequently the ejido is pleased to sell the land to the SDCC.

The SDCC is currently in the process of purchasing San Lorenzo, at the price of $2 million ($25 per acre). This is an unprecedented opportunity to provide protection to a vast area of pristine Central Gulf Coast desert. (See How can I help?)

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Sonoran Desert Coastal Conservation
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